Overview & History

Cubebio contributes to promote health of human being through early diagnosis of cancer and is the world first provider of total solution related to cancer, engaged in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and research and development, production and marketing of software for cancer.



“Contribution to promote health of human being by early autodiagnosis of cancer”

Cubebio has been concentrating on R&D of bio-market having high accuracy by using urine or saliva as the clinical
specimen which can be collected easily. Cubebio is continuously striving to be the global company specialized
in in-vitro diagnosis and health-care which can be contributory to enhancement of health and life of human being,
not losing the golden time for disease by making it possible to check the status of in-vivo metabolism
like cancer through autodiagnosis without necessity to visit medical center.


“Creation of era where the cancer is no longer awful disease”

The survival rate of terminal patient in case of early detection of cancer is twice
at the minimum up to as much as 20 times higher than those remote-metastasized.
Accordingly, we are focusing on research and development of bio marker for early detection of cancer,
and pouring such effort to prevent, treat and monitor the cancer as the
human being has done to get over the cancer for long time.
By virtue of consistent effort of our central research center which has fundamental technology
for development of bio marker and medical devices for accurate diagnosis of cancer,
we provide total solution to prevent and treat the cancer and strive to create new era
where human being can get out of the horror of cancer.

From this moment on, Cubebio will, through constant research and development,
further strive to become the channel whereby one-stop service for cancer can be provided along
with continued launching of products which are necessary and helpful to the human being.


Date Major Events
8 November 2011 Establishment of Cubebio
18 July 2014 Establishment of IBDT
23 March 2015 Accreditation of Company Research Center
30 April 2015 Accreditation of Venture Company
10 May 2016 Merge into Cubebio (Company Name: Cubebio Co., Ltd.)