Introduction of Research Center

Central Research Center for Life Science

Central Research Center of Cubebio has been concentrating on early diagnosis of every kind of diseases based on cancer even before establishment of the company.
At present, it is focusing on research and development of markers in the in-vivo specimen for early diagnosis of all sorts of diseases including cancer and is going to launch products based on cancer bio markers.

Bio Marker Research Center

The indicators that can show the status of disease objectively are measured and these are called bio marker. That is, bio marker is the indicator measuring the normal conditions or pathological state of all living beings. Based on such theory, Bio Marker Research Center is researching bio markers for cancer and other diseases (diabetics, liver, brain, etc.) through utilization of specimen of urine and saliva.

In-vitro Diagnosis Drug Development Center

At present, there are many technologies which diagnose cancer at early stage by using blood, but products of diagnosis by using noninvasive methods such as urine or saliva for early diagnosis of cancer are not yet commercialized. Cubebio is developing experimental drug for in-vitro diagnosis by which marker that can diagnose the cancer at early stage is detected in such noninvasive methods which use urine and saliva and by doing so, cancer is possibly auto-diagnosed, without visit to hospital.