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As a biomedical company dedicated to research and development of in vitro diagnostics for early cancer detection,
we will become the world's best company by contributing to the promotion of people's health and happiness.



CUBEBIO has been developing products for early diagnosis of cancer on the basis of the research on various cancer biomarkers. And CUBEBIO is planning to expand its business into big data-driven businesses through collection and analysis of cancer- and health-related data derived from cancer diagnostic products.

Cancer Diagnostic Kit

· Development of ELISA/Rapid Kit based on
new cancer biomarkers
· Development of biosensors and POCT products

Self-Diagnostic Device

· Development of an analyzer
· Development of a biosensor

Cancer Biomarker Research

· Discovery and research of cancer
biomarkers through body fluids
(urine) within the field of diagnostic tests
· Discovery of biomarkers in early
screening for all types of cancer

Data-Driven Business

· Data-driven business based on information acquired
from the field of cancer screening
· Big data analytics service using biochips and NFC technology