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Since its establishment, CUBEBIO has committed itself to research
and development of cancer biomarkers and products for early cancer detection.

KIT tool

Cancer Diagnostic Kit


Colorimetric analysis based on enzymatic reactions

How it works

When cancer cells develop and grow in the human body, various substances
are metabolized and excreted in urine. Unlike healthy cells, amino acid, glucose,
nucleic acid precursor, protein, and other elements are metabolized in larger
quantities and excreted in urine at different concentrations in the development of cancer.
We can check the existence or non-existence of cancer by measuring these concentrations.

How to use

By utilizing analysis methods developed by CUBEBIO (Quantitative tests using enzymes in urine), we mix 10μl of urine with 90μl of compounds formed via enzymatic reactions.
After blocking out light for 5 minutes at room temperature (25 °C), we use ELISA reader to measure the level of absorbance at 450 nm.

Fill a 96 well microplate with urine

Mix CUBEBIO's compounds formed via enzymatic reactions with urine

After blocking light out for 5 minutes at room temperature (25 °C), use ELISA reader to measure the level of absorbance at 450 nm

Read the test result (Checking the concentration of cancer biomarkers by using the level of absorbance)

Test result By using colorimetric methods of analysis through enzymatic reactions in urine to quantify P-marker, it is possible to distinguish between malignant and benign tumors on the basis of high specificity and sensitivity.