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Can diagnose the cancer at early stage is detected in such noninvasive methods which use urine and
saliva and by doing so, cancer is possibly auto-diagnosed, without visit to hospital.



Biosensor & Cancer Self-Diagnostic Device

"Figure 1. Professor Leland C. Clark Jr."
“World’s First Biosensor”

Biosensor - Electrochemical diagnostic device for detecting pathogenic bacteria that have entered a biogenic substance and a human body

Starting with the Glucose Sensor invented by Professor Leland C. Clark Jr. in the US in 1962, biosensor technology has begun to develop. It is the device that transfers the results of the reaction between a target substance and a receptor to the signal conditioner. Through the results indicated by the signal conditioner, it determines the existence or extent of the target substance.

CUBEBIO’s Cancer Self-Diagnostic Device based on electrochemical analysis

Self-diagnostic device measures and analyzes the target substance excreted in urine, in other words the infinitesimal target substance that is the cancer marker, in pico (1 / 1,000,000,000,000, one trillionth) by using an inexpensive, disposable biosensor. Then it visually indicates the existence of cancer.