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Media Releases

Number Title Writer Date Hit File
50 [2020.08.19] CUBEBIO to enter the global market through a rapid non-contact cancer screening cubebio 2020-08-19 579
49 [2020.07.20] CUBEBIO received the first purchase order of the $30billion worth contract from Russia cubebio 2020-07-20 1064
48 [2020.07.02] CUBEBIO entering the living-area market by upgrading a life-friendly device, 'CMDD-04' cubebio 2020-07-02 1287
47 [2020.06.30] CUBEBIO's subsidiary, FPA, have acquired ISO 13485:2016 for additional production facility. cubebio 2020-06-30 1448
46 [2020.06.18] CUBEBIO Co., Ltd. develops 'Muti-Channel Automated Diagnostic Device' series for mass screening...Expansion of product lines for overseas export cubebio 2020-06-18 715
45 [2020.06.03] CUBEBIO signed a contract to incorporate FPA Co., Ltd., a company specializing in automated equipment development, into its subsidiary cubebio 2020-06-03 809
44 [2020.05.25]CUBEBIO, in vitro diagnostic company, awarded the Biotechnology Grand Prize cubebio 2020-05-25 720
43 [2020.03.19]CUBEBIO Obtains 'Export Permit' for Urine Diagnosis Medical Devices - 1100 square meters of mass production facility is under construction. cubebio 2020-03-19 5278
42 [2020.02.28]CUBEBIO receives 'TI-3' rating for investment-type technology assessment, TCB (Technology Credit Bureau), recognized as 'excellent technology' cubebio 2020-03-09 1086
41 [2020.02.04]CUBEBIO Participated in Arab Health 2020, the largest exhibition in the Middle East, and introduced Cancer Self-Diagnostic Device. cubebio 2020-02-04 3485