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Media Releases

Number Title Writer Date Hit File
40 [2019.11.01]CUBEBIO signs an MOU with Russia and 5 manufacturers cubebio 2019-11-05 1718
39 [2019.10.18] CUBEBIO attends the World Cancer Leaders' Summit led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) cubebio 2019-11-05 11008
38 [2019.09.30] CUBEBIO is awarded the Global Top Technology Grand Prize at the World Class Small-Mighty Enterprise Award 2019 ceremony cubebio 2019-10-02 3094
37 [2019.09.30] CUBEBIO signs contracts for the export of cancer self-diagnostic devices worth USD 2.5 billion for 5 years with Russia cubebio 2019-10-02 828
36 [2019.07.16] CUBEBIO signs an MOU for the supply of cancer self-diagnostic devices with 《Standart-Biotest》 LLC(Russia) cubebio 2019-08-02 906
35 [2019.07.26] CUBEBIO is awarded the 2019 Moneytoday Grand Prize for Innovative Technology cubebio 2019-07-26 729
34 [2019.07.22] CUBEBIO officially becomes the Union for International Cancer Control's Patron partner cubebio 2019-07-23 726
33 [2019.07.16] CUBEBIO and the Union for International Cancer Control jointly develop a global program, called “Cancer Early Detection and Self-Diagnosis” cubebio 2019-07-23 698
32 [2019.07.15] CUBEBIO cooperates with the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) as the world’s first Korean small- and medium-sized enterprise cubebio 2019-07-23 641
31 [2019.07.15] CUBEBIO, "Becoming the world's first company to bring about a new era of self-diagnosing cancers at home by using urine" cubebio 2019-07-23 590