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[2021.05.21] CUBEBIO, in tandem with global demands for cancer diagnostics signed a service agreement for mass production with COSMAX PHARMA.

2021-05-21 18:05:12



This agreement will bring CUBEBIO and COSMAX PHARMA to work jointly on the mass production of IVD medical devices for early cancer detection, the scope of agreement ranging from the production of biosensors, analyzer to the production process development. The COSMAX PHARMA manufactured products will be exported to the countries that have signed an export contract with CUBEBIO, including Russia and 10 neighboring countries, and to the countries in the Middle East, etc. where the signing of additional export contracts are scheduled.


COSMAX PHARMA will set up production lines to manufacture 120 million biosensors per annum and supply the products in response to the additional orders.

COSMAX PHARMA is a subsidiary of COSMAX GROUP, a global top-tier ODM service provider in cosmetics, providing its services to over 600 brands around the globe, recording 1.6 trillion won in sales last year.


COSMAX GROUP expanded its scope from cosmetics ODM business to pharmaceutical ODM business in 2015. In April 2018, COSMAX GROUP acquired Two-Win Pharma, a pharmaceutical CMO company, and re-launched to current COSMAX PHARMA in March 2020 after integrating with the existing pharmaceutical business department at COSMAX BIO.



Working together with COSMAX PHARMA, a subsidiary of COSMAX GROUP with an extensive distribution network and production facility across the globe over 10 countries such as China and the U.S. will allow CUBEBIO to secure a sufficient production capability as well as a potential foreign market expansion.