As a biomedical company dedicated to research and development of in vitro diagnostics for early cancer detection,
we will become the world's best company by contributing to the promotion of people's health and happiness.


About Us

A disease that has long threatened humanity, cancer, has now become a surmountable disease with the development of medical technologies and the improvement of treatment levels.

But many people still die because they are not diagnosed early with cancer, and the number reaches 10 million every year. Early diagnosis of cancer is a core factor in determining the complete recovery rate and survival rate. Its importance accentuates as it affects all aspects of cancer, including progression speed, treatment, prognosis, etc. Since its establishment, CUBEBIO has committed itself to the research and development of cancer biomarkers and diagnostic products for early cancer detection. The development of accurate, fast, and simple screening cancer diagnostic products has lowered the hurdle for cancer screening and improved access to screening at non-medical institutions. CUBEBIO aims to lead the popularization of cancer screening by changing the paradigm of cancer diagnostics that allows cancer screening anywhere, anytime. CUBEBIO will contribute to the realization of a future where everyone can have control over cancer and lead a healthy life by changing the paradigm of cancer screening. Furthermore, we will grow into a global biomedical company that presents a wide range of healthcare indicators and contributes to human health promotion and happiness.