As a biomedical company dedicated to research and development of in vitro diagnostics for early cancer detection,
we will become the world's best company by contributing to the promotion of people's health and happiness.



  • 2023


    Signed a consignment production contract with Green Cross Medis

    Signed Research Collaboration Agreement with National Cancer Centre of Singapore (NCCS) and started collaborative research

    Selected as the 'Innovative Product' in Scouter Demo-day run by Korean governmental entity (Public Procurement Service)

    Achieved successful results in a pancreatic cancer clinical trial with SNUH

    Joining “CANCER MOONSHOT”, US Government’s initiative against cancer

  • 2022


    Appointed as ‘2022 KOTRA startup global jump 300’

    Signed a joint technology development contract with SNUH

    Signed a joint technology development contract with Ewha Womans University Medical Center

    Selected as the new resident company at the Healthcare Innovation Park (HIP) of Seoul National University Hospital

    Selected as the company for Samsung Electronics technology sharing from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy: Patent Transfer [Patent Name: biosensor]

    Signed a USD 75.6 million worth export contract with the Jacobson Pharma Group, a listed pharmaceutical company in Hong Kong, for distribution in 8 countries

  • 2021


    Received CE mark approval [CMDD-04M]

    Signed a contract with COSMAX Pharma for joint development of product and mass production

  • 2020


    Participated in the ‘ARABHEALTH 2020’ held in Dubai, UAE with 96m2 sized independent booth

    Celebrated the 20th anniversary of World Cancer Day as an official partner

    Obtained TI-3 rating as a result of technology evaluation conducted by NICE Information Service Co., Ltd.

    Obtained an export license (National Institute of Medical Device Safety Information) and a certificate of free sale (Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)

    Awarded 2020 Korea Outstanding Bio Enterprise Award (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Ministry of Environment, and Ministry of Education)

    Signed a contract with FPA Co., Ltd. for joint development of the product and mass production

    100% Acquisition of FPA Co., Ltd., a company specialized in automated equipment (As a subsidiary of CUBEBIO)

    Expansion of product line through introduction of Multi-Channel Automated Diagnostic Device, ‘CMDD’ series
    (‘CMDD-20’ for 20 people, ‘CMDD-12’ for 12 people, ‘CMDD-04’ for 4 people)

    Additional acquisition of ISO 13485:2016(Certificate of International Medical Devices Quality Management System)
    (Institute of Global Certification)

    Received the first purchase order worth USD 15 million from 《Standart-Biotest》 LLC in Russia

    Signed a contract with OnCureXo Pte., a US-based company (To be expanded after pilot operation at McDonald’s stores in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Indonesia)

    Raised capital from ACA Partners Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based multinational investment company

    Awarded the Companion Prize from 'World Class Middle Market & Small-Giant Enterprise Awards'

    First shipment of CMDD-04M, ordering model of 《Standart-Biotest》 LLC, to Russia for localization

    CUBEBIO localized the production of ‘Biosensor’, a core component of the Sensor Kit

  • 2019


    Awarded the Korean Patent Grand Prize

    Obtained approval for sales of Class II in vitro diagnostics from the Chinese FDA (沈阳阿一生物科技有限公司)

    Signed a contract with Yongchenghanyuan (永成汉源), a China/Hong Kong-based large asset management company, with regard to investments and listing on the NASDAQ

    Signed a contract with Samsung Securities Co., Ltd., as a lead underwriter

    Signed a Patron partnership agreement with Union for International Cancer Control(UICC)

    Signed a ‘Cancer Early Detection and Self-Diagnosis’ program agreement with UICC

    Awarded the 2019 Moneytoday Grand Prize for Innovative Technology

    Signed a contract for the export of the Products (Cancer self-diagnostic device) worth USD 3 billion over a 5-year period with 《Standart-Biotest》 LLC in Russia

    Awarded the Global Top Technology Grand Prize at the 2019 World Class Small-Mighty Enterprise Award

    Participated in the UICC-led World Cancer Leaders’ Summit in Kazakhstan as a Patron partner

    Signed a contract for mass production with BHflex and DKT

  • 2017


    Obtained a medical device manufacturing business license, a medical device manufacturing license, and an export license for medical devices
    (Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)

  • 2015


    Certified as a company-affiliated research center

    Certified as a venture business

  • 2014


    Attracted investments worth USD 2.5 million from Development Bank CB

  • 2011


    Established CUBEBIO Co., Ltd.