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CSK-04 image

CSK-04 is a disposable sensor kit which should be used with CMDD series for mass simultaneous diagnosis. In-box(Sensor kit box) consists of 4 sensor kits. Each sensor kit allows diagnosis of 4 people’s urine specimen simultaneously. 3 sensors are used for each person’s diagnosis and they can detect 6 types of cancer (Breast, Colorectal, Stomach, Lung, Liver, and Pancreatic).

  • All-in-one structured kit

    Composed of Sensor tray & Specimen tray

  • Sensor tray

    12 biosensors are mounted to the connectors of the Sensor tray

  • Specimen tray

    12 cells of the Specimen tray includes 3 different types of solution

  • Cells are covered by sealing film to prevent the overflow and cross-contamination of solutions
  • Urine specimen is to be dispensed in each cell
  • Sterilized, vacuumed, and packaged
02How To Use
  • 01 Remove the package

    csk04 img
  • 02 Separate the sensor tray and the specimen tray

    csk04 img
  • 03 Remove the sealing from the specimen tray

    csk04 img
  • 04 Dispense each urine specimen into 3 different solutions

    csk04 img
  • 05 Assemble the Sensor Kit& gently shake 2-3 times

    csk04 img
  • 06 Insert the Sensor Kit & press ‘Start’ button

    csk04 img